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The Inside Scoop From Gavin Jacobs


Restauranteur Gavin Jacobs shares with Debbie his journey from entrepreneur, based in family tradition, to following his passion for creating great food and cocktails.

Born in South Africa, discover what inspired Gavin’s passion for food and wine that led him to 10 major cities in the United States.

Based in the Chandler Arizona area, Gavin is Co-Owner in The Brickyard (Shareables and Craft Cocktails) and Hidden House (Timeless Elegance and Fine Dining) where you will discover a unique and memorable dining experience. Both of these wonderful restaurants are definitely worth the visit if you want good food and a great atmosphere.

Over snifters of Señor Rio Tequila, Gavin also talks about his favorite cocktails, foods, and restaurants as well as what he won’t eat. You don’t want to miss this informative and lively discussion.


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