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Extra Anejo

Limited Edition


The Third Generation of Señor Rio’s Extra Anejo is the most superior in quality to date. The unique bottle design showcases the ceramic black decanter and hand painted white swirls.

This limited edition (only 900 bottles) is aged to perfection for five years in French Cognac oak barrels. Comparable to a fine Single Malt Scotch or Cognac.


“Superior in quality and exceptionally smooth. Must have for the tequila connoisseur or collector.”

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“By far the smoothest tequila I’ve tasted.”

Glendale, AZ

Presentation Says It All

“I have been a senor rio fan since the beginning. This bottle is so smooth and we enjoyed it for my sons college graduation! Definitely a bottle for a big celebration!!”


It’s Completely Amazing!

“The bottle is gorgeous, but the tequila is some of our most favorite that we have ever had. It is smooth, a little smoky without forgetting it came from agave.”

Bayfield, CO

Best Tequila

“I stocked my Mancave Tequila bar with 50+ bottles from Total Wine. Señor Rio edged out Don Julio 1942 as my smoothest Tequila."

Las Vegas, NV

Pure Silk

“Happiness in a bottle. Still has all the tequila qualities, only smoother than the rest!"

Mesa, AZ

Best Looking Bottle

“I’ve been drinking tequila for some time now and when I saw this bottle. I knew I had to have it for my collection. Finally, just opened it what a way to celebrate. Very smooth."


One Of The Best High End Tequila!!!

“Bought this a couple of days ago and money well spent. Goes down so smooth. Must try!!!!!!”

Mesa, AZ

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